Three reasons to "Get It MENDED"

Peace of Mind

Put your clothes to the test, we take care of the rest. Save time, effort and money to do the things you enjoy.

Enjoy your favorites

Feel the joy of clothes that fit like a glove and stand the test of time. Get more out of your favorite clothes, my friend.

The future is circular

Say hello to a future where we keep your clothes out of landfill, and in play. Upgrade your wardrobe, reduce impact.

Some things get better with time.

Things, like this Kuyichi dress. A button falls off? We got you. You trip and rip it? We fix it. You put it to the test, we take care of the rest.

It's not the end, not yet.

You keep dancing, we keep fixing.

Repair your Kuyichi items

How it works

Let us know!

Missing a fix or fit? Living outside of the Netherlands and want to use MENDED? Share it with us and we get back to you.