5 reasons for fashion brands to offer a repair service

5 reasons for fashion brands to offer a repair service

Navigating the tricky landscape of sustainable fashion, brands and retailers frequently ask us: What benefits does offering repairs bring to the table? In this article, we present 5 common yet compelling reasons why fashion brands and retailers opt to offer a repair service to keep their clothing in play.

1 // Increased customer loyalty

Repair services strengthen customer loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to product longevity, customer satisfaction and sustainable practices, fostering trust and personalized experiences. In an age where awareness of repair possibilities is lacking, and traditional tailoring is less frequently visited, embracing repairs becomes a delightful surprise for consumers. This not only enhances satisfaction but also deepens brand loyalty as customers discover a renewed appreciation for both the product and the brand's commitment to longevity and craftsmanship. We clearly know from our data: customers who have a good experience with the repair service are more likely to return for future purchases.

2 // Increased conversion

Repairs function as an extended guarantee, instilling a greater sense of security in the minds of customers. In scenarios where consumers contemplate between a product from Brand A, backed by a comprehensive repair service, and a product from Brand B without such a service, the customer favors Brand A. The perception of receiving more value for their investment further strengthens the appeal of brands offering repair services, influencing customers to choose quality and longevity over alternatives.

3 // Extend customer journey beyond point of sale

Integrating repair services into a brand's offerings extends the customer journey well beyond the point of sale, transforming a one-time transaction into an ongoing relationship. By providing a solution for the wear and tear of products, brands introduce an additional touchpoint that engages customers in a continuous cycle of interaction, providing customers with ongoing support and value. This extended journey becomes a canvas for strategic marketing and sales efforts, allowing brands to capitalize on each repair interaction as a chance to reinforce their commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity.

4 // Connect with customers that bought via non-brand channels

Many brands distribute their products through channels they don't directly control, such as retailers and etailers. This often results in a group of customers that have never directly interacted with the brand, limiting the brand’s ability to build relationships and gather valuable data. However, by offering repair services, brands create a unique opportunity to re-engage with these customers. The repair service acts as a bridge, bringing customers back into the brand's universe, providing a touchpoint for interaction and fostering a connection that extends beyond the initial purchase made through non-brand channels.

5 // Gather unique product data

Introducing repair services not only allows brands to extend the lifespan of their products but also opens the door to a wealth of unique product data. Traditionally, brands lack detailed insights into how their products perform in the market after purchase. Repair services change this dynamic by offering a valuable source of data, revealing which models experience issues, where those issues occur, and the frequency of repairs. Armed with this information, brands can embark on a journey of data-driven design, leveraging insights to enhance product durability, make informed sustainability decisions, and experiment with new materials—all while directly responding to market demands.

More than just fixing a zipper

Thus, offering a repair service can be more than just fixing a hole or replacing a zipper. The 5 benefits mentioned above are not all benefits a brand or retailer can gain from such a service. The way how the service is being offered to their customers is key.

Are you curious what a repair service can do for you? Book a call with us and we are happy to walk you through.

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