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We let only people who we trust,

touch your favorite items.


We create an experience

that leaves you wanting to do it again.


We make the experience

as easy as buying something new.


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Agnes Weber

As a decade-long influencer Agnes generates signature content with up to 19.7 Million views.

Now she uses her reach and community to inspire people to keep clothes in play.

She is convinced that fixing, fitting or trading in your item will be as easy and addictive as buying new.

Daan Maasson

How can you order everything new from your phone these days, but not this??!

Daan excels at building partnerships and processes to answer this question and make MENDED as easy as buying new.

He does the work, so you don't have to. Daan believes your time is best spent outside. Go out to play. You put your clothes to the test, we take care of the rest.