A better way to keep your clothes in play

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"MENDED is not just a convenience service. It's an experience that leaves you wanting to do it again and again."

"They bring repair from niche to norm, so that it becomes core of the circular fashion movement.”

"This circular service (...) gives brands many more contact moments with customers".

"With MENDED we keep our promise of clothing that lasts while staying connected with our users longer."

"For us, this collaboration means the customer goes home extra satisfied with the new item."

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By partnering with brands like MUD Jeans, we drive up conversion rates, reduce returns and help brands hit circularity targets.

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Meet the founding team

Our mission

Long jeans and lazy Agnes.

For her, it started on a TEDx stage. Were her favorite flared* jeans too long, or was she too lazy to get them fitted? Either way, buying new jeans was just easier.

In that moment, she was convinced there had to be a better way. Now, she is building it, so you don't have to.

*her flared jeans were the first item MENDED ever fixed. Now it's your turn.

Cheers, Agnes

Daan is out to play.

Daan believes your time is best spent outside. Being out to play with friends, family, alone, or with his kids. Without any worry of dirty, broken or unfitting clothes.

For him, it was this: 'How can you order everything new from your phone these days, but nothing to keep your clothes in play??!'

So we decided to fill this gap. You put your clothes to the test, we take care of the rest. Easy, trustworthy and - of course - playful.