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The news is out! MENDED is expanding into the German market and kicking it off with a bang: Our collaboration with the renowned industry leader ARMEDANGELS.

"MENDED's innovative approach to clothing repairs complements our efforts towards an environmentally conscious fashion industry." - Martin Höfeler, CEO of ARMEDANGELS



"MENDED is not just a convenience service. It's an experience that leaves you wanting to do it again and again."

"They bring repair from niche to norm, so that it becomes core of the circular fashion movement.”

"This circular service (...) to give brands many more contact moments with customers".

"With MENDED we keep our promise of clothing that lasts while staying connected with our users longer."

"For us, this collaboration is a means to get the customer to come back and buy again."

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Clothing repair and resale as easy as buying new. By partnering with brands like MUD Jeans, we drive up conversion rates, reduce returns and help brands hit circularity targets.

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Before & After

This is Dali's favorite pair. When the crotch of her trusty Kuyichi Jeans ripped, MENDED came to the rescue. Now they are back in play.

Did you know this is possible? Neither did she.

Jeans before

Jeans after