MENDED launches in Germany with ARMEDANGELS as partner

MENDED launches in Germany with ARMEDANGELS as partner

May 16, 2024, Amsterdam 

MENDED, known since 2022 as a pioneer in clothing repair, is now stepping into the German market. In collaboration with the renowned industry leader ARMEDANGELS, the Dutch startup is powering its mission to keep clothes in play via innovative repair services.

Rising Demand for Repairs: Brands Respond to Customer Need

The demand for repairs is booming: Customers increasingly prioritize sustainability and expect brands to offer solutions for preserving and repairing their clothing. According to a survey, customers (64%*) expect clothing brands to offer repairs. In response to these growing expectations, brands are increasingly offering repair services to support their customers post-purchase and strengthen customer loyalty.

Since its founding in 2022 by Austrian Agnes Weber and Dutch Daan Maasson, MENDED has revolutionized the Dutch fashion market by seamlessly offering repairs and resale for consumers and B2B brand partners. In collaboration with selected tailors, MENDED's signature approach offers a premium yet playful customer experience. Now MENDED is expanding to Germany. As part of its market entry, MENDED announces its partnership with ARMEDANGELS.

A Partnership for Circular Fashion 

ARMEDANGELS, the pioneer of ethical and sustainable fashion, recognizes the challenges and demand and wants to help customers make the most of their clothing. This initiative aligns with MENDED's mission: Build a better way to keep clothes in play. MENDED's innovative approach to clothing repairs complements our efforts towards an environmentally conscious fashion industry. This partnership reinforces our shared values of quality and sustainability, enabling our customers to make informed decisions," explains Martin Höfeler, CEO of ARMEDANGELS. Both companies share the belief that repair needs to be new and modern image. To kick things off, the first 100 repairs are free for members of the ARMEDANGELS CHANGEMAKER CLUB.

Here's How It Works: 

  • Customers book repairs online through the MENDED platform 
  • Once booked, customers receive a shipping label to send the item by post 
  • Within 10 days, the repaired garment is delivered directly to their home

A premium and easy service, enabling ARMEDANGELS to remain a pioneer even as consumer demands and upcoming EU regulations such as EPR, CSRD, the 'Right to Repair', continue to rise.

Increased Customer Engagement and Loyalty 

Repairs reshape the relationship between brand and customers. "It’s something our brand partners have shown us to a great degree," says Agnes. Repairs are a means to bring customers back to the brand's webshop or store. They not only extend the lifespan of clothing but also extend customer relationships in the long run. Most of MENDED partners report a 2.3x higher CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) compared to customers who do not use the repair service.

A New Era of Repair 

Currently, repairs are often seen as old-fashioned and are not top of mind for consumers. "You can order everything online these days," says Weber. "Except when something breaks." No wonder people - especially the younger generations - barely get repairs. MENDED has built its service around this need. After success in the Dutch market with brands like MUD Jeans and Kuyichi, recent investments have fueled the expansion to Germany. This is their first step in making the service available EU-wide.

*Source: Research conducted by MENDED on repair demand, with over 6000 participants in 2024.

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