Why our premium yet playful experience sets us apart

Why our premium yet playful experience sets us apart

Ever stepped on a LEGO brick before? It hurts. It hurts just as much as finding a hole in your favourite sweater. We exist to keep your clothing IN PLAY. Yes, our motto is in the name. In this blog, we'll explore why playfulness is at the core of our brand identity and how it shapes the unique experience we offer to brands and their customers.

1// How we do it: Premium yet Playful. Not Childish.

Before we dive into the depths of playfulness let’s make one thing clear: At MENDED, we believe in delivering a premium experience. This is why we handle your favourite clothes with the utmost care and attention. However, while we take your clothes very seriously, the process of getting it fixed should not feel serious. By injecting an element of playfulness into the process it doesn’t get childish; rather, it means we make the experience memorable for our customers.

2// Why we do it: Changing the Narrative for Impact

Since Day One, the story we always hear from our customers is this: “Honestly, fixing my clothes has the same ‘wow-factor’ as doing taxes. It sits on the bottom of my to-do list and I can’t be bothered. Buying something new is just easier, and quite frankly also more fun.”

This is exactly the problem, and the reason why our USP works. We lean into playfulness to redefine how repair (+ alterations, resale) looks, feels and sounds. It’s what turns a boring hassle into an unexpectedly joyful experience. Ultimately, it leaves users wanting to do it again, and this directly increases our impact of inspiring more people and brands to keep clothes in play

3// Why brands care: Repair ≠ Benefits

Yes we offer repair, alterations and resale but that’s not the reason brands partner with us. Our philosophy goes beyond repairs, which is why our work doesn’t start and stop at the sewing machine. We work with brands to extend their customer journey: This means we lead them in how to position the service, co-produce marketing content that resonates - all the way through the booking and the unboxing moment.

The reason brands partner with us is because our expertise doesn't just lie in repairing items. We are best at powering an on-brand and memorable experience that gives customers a reason to come back and buy again. We found that repair in itself doesn’t lead to the benefits brands are after, so we built a better way. It is not repair itself, it is the complete MENDED experience that tracks increased conversion and retention rates, and gives brands a tool to keep in touch and stay relevant for a younger market. 

4// Why can you trust an ex-kindergarten teacher on this?

Playfulness is ingrained in Daan and Agnes, the founders of MENDED. Agnes, however, has an ace up her sleeve: She draws on her past days as a kindergarten teacher to inject playfulness into processes. I can hear you thinking: ‘Why let a kindergarten teacher run a start-up?’ Well, she has proven that it works: the same playful approach has helped her to build an online audience of over 110.000 people across social platforms with videos reaching up to 21 Million views.

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